Roll Fed IML

CBW Automation has design options for either pre-cut labels stacked into magazines or roll fed label dispensing. The pre-cut magazine approach utilizes dispensing magazines for presenting pre-cut labels to the robotic handling equipment. For the roll fed approach, CBW Automation can offer either the rotary die cut approach, which cuts label geometry from the roll stock at the robot or the pre-cut roll fed approach, which relies on labels pre-cut and still secured to the label roll stock by the label manufacture. In both roll fed approaches, a label transfer mechanism removes labels from the film for transfer to the robot insertion tooling.

The IML execution of the Advantage Series follows the same design parameters enlisting a modular configuration to facilitate production of multiple products or repurposing at a later date. As with other CBW robot designs, a robust, steel welded frame houses the working product transfer mechanisms, surrounded by free standing guarding. The tethered electrical cabinet features high and low voltage separation. The system is controlled by our PC based Lumera® Controls platform with a servo lock-out feature.




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