The RCL Lid Stacking and Packaging System is offered to maximize labor savings for high-cavitation lid molds by providing the features of part unscrambling, orientation, stacking and stack placement to the carton. Depending on the lid diameter and processing rate, the system can be designed with either a single or dual unscrambling disk(s), with single file discharge conveyor(s) from each disk for presentation to non-contact, air actuated part orientation. Oriented parts are presented to spin bar accumulation, which feature “split” spin bar design coupled with Delrin tapered cones on the spin bars to aid in moving lids down the spin bars in a rapid fashion, which is critical with high output molds. To complete the fully automated process, the case packing portion of the system relies on dual high-flow pick & place mechanisms for stack transfer and placement to the carton. The RCL design includes a robust, steel welded frame with integrated guarding, empty and filled carton conveyors and is controlled by CBW Automation’s PC based Lumera® Controls platform which allows for remote connectivity and troubleshooting.




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